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Woodlands In Texas

The influx of economic good news never ends in The Woodlands so it seems. Amid complaints of urbanization, etc. that most places welcome a new industry with, The Woodlands welcomes new business like Tiny Tim on a Christmas ham. The Woodlands and Spring area are growing as fast as they can in terms of homes for sale in the Woodlands TX area that are being built.

Exxon Mobile is building a 10,000 employee HQ there and everyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock knows it.

Home prices – will they go up? Probably not by much because Texas has a lot of land so competing real estate can simply be built outward so that the best deals are kept that way in contrast to other real estate markets in the country.

Try building more like adding to the number of homes for sale in Mclean VA and see how much resistance you get.

Other areas near metro centers are the same. Little new building and too many people need those homes so prices go up.

And up more still as investors snap up properties to turn them into rentals.

Home ownership is getting tougher but a friendly and competent agent can make the difference. 

Here’s to the SEO for real estate that makes this information possible. Buying a home in Basking Ridge? Go here.

Once George Washington sat under a tree in this real estate market. The tree, a giant oak, is still there. George is not. The memory is well documented.

The games have begun. Time to say goodnight.