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Palm Beach Properties and Estates

Jeff Realty sells homes in Palm Beach. These homes are famous for the people who tend to buy and live in them. Palm Beach, like much of south Florida and the areas of Palm Beach County and towns like Jupiter and Palm Beach itself were little more than a backwater and a haven for a few ships in some of its small harbors and inlets during hurricanes. Ships that didn’t harbor and got caught can still be found sunken among the shoals that line the Florida Atlantic coast along its barrier islands.

It was the developers of the early 20th century like Henry Flagler and Paris Singer who took a seemingly unremarkable and unprofitable location and turned it on an economic head of a pin to create some of the world’s most expensive real estate and zip codes that have received mention in Forbes Magazine. It was careful planning and engineering and sometimes trial and error that brought about the communities and upscale homes we almost take for granted.

Now the listings and prices of this real estate can be found on theĀ Palm Beach homes page of Jeffrealty.com.

Palm Beach real estate for sale


Don’t worry, not all the Palm Beach homes are this stratospheric in price. Check Jeff’s website for a wide array of popular homes for middle class prices.