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Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Making You Nervous?

So you’ve been asked by one of your dearest friends or a family member to be her maid of honor. An event that makes you feel as nervous as if though you were the bride because you love your friend and the honor is a true one, but you’re really having a hard time dealing with what comes with the honor. A case of stage fright bad enough to make you think twice of actually going through with it. Maybe you wish you’d just told her you’re afraid of speaking in public and maybe she should choose someone else to be the maid of honor because the maid of honor speech is just too much to deal with. It’s a really common problem and there are resources, many of them free to help the bride’s best friend deal with the fear of speaking so that you can be a success when you give your toast to your friend. A speech that is confident and so effective that no one will know the butterflies you feel in your stomach even while you’re delivering that important address to friends and family.

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Photo courtesy Dave Keys’ rule of thirds photography