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Jupiter Island Getaway Only A Few Million Bucks

Where do the rich go for a getaway? Sometimes it’s right in their own Jupiter Island homes. The king of real estate on Jupiter island could be easily tagged as Tiger Woods’ house. It rings in at $55 million. Why? For starters, it’s huge. Just the sauna area looks to be at least a few thousand square feet, especially if you include the olympic lap pool. Then there’s the golf course. Then the house and then the water views while you’re golfing. Don’t forget that.

Real Estate King of Jupiter Island Tiger's home

It’s hard to believe this was once just a place to watch out for not to wreck your ship on. In the 1500s Florida’s barrier islands like Jupiter Island’s only notable feature was the dangerous shoals that claimed Spanish Galleons every year. Now they claim some of the richest real estate in the entire US.

More about Jupiter Island at http://www.jeffrealty.com/jupiter_island.

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