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Hustle Like Grant In The CardoneZone

The man does know how to hustle. His videos are so powerful they don’t even need a description. For over 30 years an international designer has combined lifestyle and comfort. He has galleries in Florida and New York. This is marketing in motion. Real estate strategic marketing is the place where my on niche is found. It’s what gets Palo Alto visible. This is what it takes to get ahead. Fix your car, fix your business, fix your life.

Here’s what he says. If you’re afraid of immigrants coming into the country then you are just afraid of their hustle. Get your own game on and stop worrying about who is let into the country and who isn’t. I found it particularly notable that he published a book and it had a lot of misspelled words and grammatical errors and he didn’t care. It’s a bestseller as he pointed out by calling people bitch. Well the whining should stop right there at the door. It probably won’t but it should. If you’re worried about that then you don’t have time to build your business.