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Baby Boomers Don’t Want Nursing Homes When They Can Choose Assisted Living

Perhaps assisted living is the new focus of negative press that used to target nursing homes. Senior care is a controversial subject that strikes at the root of deep seated emotions of fear, guilt and uncertainty. Assisted living often does provide just the independence that seniors are looking for. Eventually most seniors have physical limitations that curtail their mobility and freedom as they require greater levels of care and supervision. Dementia takes a toll on everyone as the major player that necessitates and reinforces supervised senior care. Better assisted living facilities are prepared for the impact of dementia and provide tiered care levels to deal with its progression.

Another expose’ on assisted living was recently aired by PBS. Forbes picked up on this negative piece which probably deserves to be paid attention to. There is no shortage of low quality senior assisted living and care facilities and asks just who is looking out for the seniors in this industry? The business is loosely regulated. Some assisted living facilities charge upwards of $5000 to $6000 a month. 100% occupancy is the holy grail for a lot of assisted living companies but how many of them are working for 100% quality and care?

assisted living

The bad news isn’t across the board but bad publicity like the kind given to Emeritus by the PBS video can go a long way. Regulation may not cure anything. Mishaps, senior abuse and medical care errors happen everywhere including in places where regulations are piled upon regulations. Assisted living is popular because it affords freedom and independence unheard of in old-school nursing homes.

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