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Americans Don’t Hustle For The Money

They hustle for the weekend instead.

Hustle like an immigrant

Now I’m going to totally diverge from the topic and talk a little bit about Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. It’s not a bad place to live. In fact, it’s downright spectacular. Living in a high-rise in Palm Beach or West Palm Beach means a lot of nightlife and being right in the center of all the activity. Year round┬áthere are lots of activities that cycle in and out of the calendar. In essence┬áthere is no end to the entertainment day or night.

As you may have guessed there’s an international flavor to the resort areas of Florida. People with the hustle and who have acquired money buy here. There’re no borders for this attitude and for these customers.

After all, many Americans don’t hustle for the money. They hustle for the weekend instead.